Discover Your Paradise at Pangkil Island Private Resort Bintan -

Monday, August 20, 2018

Discover Your Paradise at Pangkil Island Private Resort Bintan

Pangkil Island Private Resort - Bintan
Pangkil Island Private Resort - Bintan

The staff swiftly and very kindly welcomed me shortly after I set foot on Pangkil Island which had this very soft white sand. A very fresh Welcome Drink makes the atmosphere of a very hot afternoon instantly disappear. I felt like I was in a beautiful country with a very comfortable atmosphere, naturally because I was in one of the best islands located not far from Bintan Island. When we rent this island for vacation, all the facilities and activities that are very interesting can be enjoyed here.

Facilities and Activities

For accommodation on this island there are 10 unique and very interesting wooden buildings because the wood used is taken directly from the sea around and from the surrounding islands which makes a natural impression and blends with nature very thick here. 10 of these buildings were built quite far apart so the impression.

The Driftwood Palaces
Driftwood Palaces constructed using logs salvaged from the sea and the surrounding islands. There are nine Palaces, none of them are more than five paces from the beach. The Palaces are all elevated from the ground and are openly constructed to take advantage of the tropical breezes and stunning views. They are sufficiently far apart and cleverly designed to ensure complete privacy. They all feature at least one, large four-poster bed. The four-posters have a small fan and reading lamps inside, enclosed within a mosquito netting for maximum convenience. They have roof-mounted fans and they all have their own adjacent bathrooms. For large groups, there are at least 6 additional single beds which can be moved around as well as extra mattresses. Numerous hammocks and a few tents add additional flexibility. The Palaces described below are also shown on the map of the island, so we can work out how everybody can fit in. And in each palace there is a relaxing place in the form of chairs and soft sofas that make us very comfortable.
The Driftwood Palace - Pangkil Island

The Main House
The Main House is the main dining area and bar. Tucked high into this structure is a room with 1 king-size four-poster bed. It has a terrific balcony view and is perfect for singles or couples who are musically inclined as it is right above the bar and sound system.

Main House - Caffe & Bar

Driftwood Palace Number 1
This Driftwood Palace is adjacent to the Main House. It has 1 king-size four-poster bed and a small adjacent room suitable for an adult or a cot for a small child. This Palace and the Main House share a bathroom past the BBQ area.

Driftwood Palace Number 2 to Number 5
These are four large, identical, Driftwood Palaces. Each has 2 king-size four-poster beds. A couple of these Palaces have wooden benches which, with a mattress and linen, are perfect as extra accommodation. Additionally, they can all house one or two more single beds. Each of these Palaces has an adjacent bathroom.

Tree House
There is a king-size four-poster bed in the Tree House which is suitable for an adventurous couple or kids. The Tree House may have limited space, but offers unlimited breath-taking view of the seas.

The Big House
This is a giant Driftwood Palace with a king-size four-poster bed and two double Balinese beds. It has an en-suite bathroom on the same level.

Merifield Palace
Adjacent to the Big House, Merifield Palace is the newest and the largest Driftwood Palace in the island. There are 2 four-poster beds, 2 Balinese bamboo beds, and 2 bathrooms inside.

The Pool House
The Pool House is a lovely structure overlooking the pool, good for a romantic full moon experience. It currently has one king-size four-poster bed. It is a little more ‘open’ than the other Palaces and is normally used for massages during the day. It can however be easily turned into an additional accommodation, complete with blinds and mosquito nets for the double bed.

The Palace with Ocean View

Driftwood Palace

Relaxing Area under The Palace

Swimming Pool / Infinity Pool
There is an outdoor swimming pool that has a very beautiful view of the North Bintan Sea. This pool is quite spacious and has a depth of up to 3 meters. There are relaxing chairs for sunbathing here making relaxing in the pool a must for us to do on this island.
Infinity Swimming Pool with Ocean View

Enjoy and Lets Swim

Indoor Activities 
Guaranteed not to be bored being on this island because various activities and activities and supporting tools are available here, for Indoor Activities there are games Table Tennis, Board Games, Pool Table. Movie Screening and Lounging (with music). Just choose what you want to play.

Outdoor Activities 
Ready to enjoy the natural surroundings while doing activities? So let's play Volleyball or try Sailing, there are 4 Lasers (Dinghies) here, you can also snorkel because there are about 10 sets of equipment that we can use here. In addition there are many sea kayaks that we can use and Stand Up Paddle that are ready to ride.

Lets Play Something - Pangkil Island

For those of us who want to feel the sensation of massage in the open with a beautiful view of the North Bintan Sea can be an option. There are two massage places with beautiful views that make the massage experience unforgettable here.

There are audio systems installed at both ends of the island. A collection of music CDs are also available in-house.

In addition to the local signals that are still affordable on this island there is also a high-speed Wi-Fi facility here, so for those of us who need an internet connection to work become not worried.

Pool Table / Billiard
There is a billiard table here that we can use at any time and of course it's free.

Projector & Screen
Here are also available projectors and screens that we can use for presentations or film screenings.

The whole island is a paradise for kids!

Its Me - Pangkil Island Private Resort

Pangkil Island Private Resort
Enjoy Holiday - Pangkil Island Private Resort

See You - Pangkil Island Private Resort

Getting Here ? 

From Sri Bintan Pura International Port in Tanjungpinang 
If we come from Batam, what we have to do is visit Punggur Lake Pier in Batam, then take a ferry to Sri Bintan Pura Harbour in Tanjungpinang. From here we are then picked up by a bus by the island of Pangkil. The journey is approximately 40 minutes by bus, then proceed with a Speedboat trip about 15 - 30 minute to Pangkil Island. 

From Singapore 
The journey to Pangkil is fun and relaxing. The minimum travel time from Singapore to the island is 2 hours 40 minutes. It may vary depending on the time of day, size of group and choice of Ferry Company, but normally takes around 3 hours.

From Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport 
If we pass by Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport
we will be picked up using a bus at Raja Haji Fisabilillah International Airport which will then be transported to the island port of Pangkil. Travel time is about 30 minutes to Pangkil Island pier, then proceed with a Speedboat trip about 15 - 30 minute to Pangkil Island.

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    1. hahahaha ia loh kak seru banget renangnya, soalnya kolam renang pribadi di alam terbuka u lala

  2. Resortnya keceh bener dan ga nyangka ternyata letaknya masih di Kepulauan Riau. Bangga deh, Indonesia juara.

    1. hehe ia nih bangga banget sebagai warga Kepri kita punya tempat keren gini

  3. in love with every detail in there, and this is still in Indonesia. 🏄🏻‍♀️ i was imagine in there when i read it

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    1. haha yes you're right, i feel like James Bond or rich people who can enjoy a holiday on a private island

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  6. Wow, i think this place has the most complete facilities in Bintan.. Cool

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  11. Wow... Pangkil resort is like a paradise (event though I never been paradise before) hehehe... The white sand looks so beautiful. Hope one day can enjoy this awesome place.

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    Secara yg sekelas dgn ini aja bisa belasan sampe puluhan juta sehari

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