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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Sijori Resort & Spa The 1st Wellness Resort in Batam

Sijori Resort & Spa

Fresh air came over me, just as I entered the Sijori Resort & Spa area, the 1 st Wellness Resort in Batam & Member of Healing Hotels of The World. Yes obviously because the location of this resort itself is among the fertile tropical forest of Sekupang Area, Batam Island. The hotel staff immediately greeted me kindly upon entering the hotel lobby which looked spacious and comfortably furnished with various types of sofas and chairs which of course greatly made guests comfortable. Wellness Resort is a theme promoted by this resort, no wonder as soon as the check-in process is completed not far from the reception area there is a very fit-looking mother offering us a traditional health drink which is in the local language called "Jamu". Various types of Jamu is available here, depending on which guests want, call it a herb to treat colds, herbs to increase appetite, herbs to reduce body fat, herbs to relieve flu symptoms and so forth, this cool.

Accommodation and Resort Area

Sijori Resort & Spa which has an area of about 10 hectares itself has just been renovated after 3 years old closed to the public. Currently there are 42 choices of rooms that we can enjoy here among other types of Deluxe Hotels, Deluxe Bungalow and Deluxe Premier Bungalow. There will be up to 96 rooms, and is currently under construction. Deluxe Hotel type rooms with 30 sqm are equipped with lounge chairs with a choice of king bed or twin beds. And equipped with wifi internet access which is very fast, cool. Then the Deluxe Bungalow room type has 35 sqm area equipped with balcony which has beautiful view of resort area. And lastly for those of you who want more luxury there is a Deluxe Deluxe Bungalow type that has an area up to 40 sqm with equipped private bathup in the bathroom. And here every guest can enjoy a great sleep experience on a healthy mattress that is when guests sleep, the mattress can follow the curves of our body, so it's healthier, fresh on the morning wake.

Enjoy Sijori Resort Area
Jamu Sesion

Facilities that we cannot miss just of course Spa, is a spa called “Sparadise SPA”. Here There are three types of treatments offered, namely body massage, scrubs, and body mask. All materials used for this treatment are natural ingredients. Every Oil already has essential oil and aromatherapy. And every month is issued a different aroma. And for this month there is a choice of rejuvenating fresh, sparadise signature, and sensual touch says Mas Viki as Marketing & Communication Manager here

Rejuvenating using rose merry and cedar wood is good for boosting immunity. And for sparadise signature using aroma from natural flowers, good to relieve headache, then to sensual touch using lavender good for relaxation, so it's make our sleep more soundly. Naturalness is also present in the scrub, because it is not only in the form of grains but the original form of the material used. There are several scrub bids that we can try here, like using coffee beans, which the coffee beans themselves milled. Then the use of dried green tea leaves are smoothed as well. And for those who like the aroma of spices, we can try scrubs that come from spices. Basic ingredients scrub mixed with milk, then used as a scrub. Not only stop there, but the body mask also uses the original fruits. Starting from papaya, and cocoa beans. Because it is still in the process of development stage, until now there are about six rooms for the spa. Two room for couple, single room, and triple is perfect for spa with friends or family. Sparadise is in front of the pool, relaxed and calm atmosphere because it is surrounded by trees we will get while being here. And where the spa also designed like in the villa or home, so it feels very comfortable and quiet. 

Facilities & Activities

Swimming Pool Area
Sijori Resort & Spa features a large outdoor swimming pool with a depth of 0 to 2.8 meters. Then there is a swimming pool for children. The swimming pool is equipped with various types of buoys that are cute and unique and free to use. Around the pool there is a relaxing and relaxing lounge that is unique and interesting, so make us feel at home in the pool area. 

Swimming Pool Area

Enjoy Swimming Pool

Mini Golf

For those of you who want to play or try mini golf in the cool areas of the hills here is the right choice. You do not need to be hot on the golf course. Because the mini golf area is in the area filled with beautiful trees here. 


Who wants to imitate Robin Hood or Katniss Everden’s archer character at the Hunger Games Movie, and Sijori Resort & Spa can make it happen. There is an archery area located here this resort hill. You can try or hone your archery skills here. Simply by paying IDR 100.000 you can try this archery facility and of course will be accompanied by professional guide. 

Archery with Friends

Another activity that we can do here is fishing. There is a large pool like a beautiful lake at this resort. In this pond there are various types of freshwater fish, call it any golden fish, pomfret fish, lohan fish and catfish. This pool has a circumference of 100 square meters with a depth of 1.5 meters. We do not have to bother to bring the rod from outside, because here all the fishing needs have been provided. And fish catches we also will be directly processed and directly eaten of course with an additional cost. 

There is a cottage around the pond equipped with tables and chairs that we can make a place for fishing, but if we want to be in another place around the resort also allow, and across the resort there is also a bridge that connects like a small island. 

Breakfast at Courtyard Restaurant

Waking up early is the right choice here, because the fresh air typical tropical forest we will enjoy. Running around the resort area is also the right choice here, after tired running we can continue to enjoy breakfast at Courtyard Restaurant with healthy buffet menu, because some vegetables picked from Hydroponics plant here. 

Location & Access

Sijori Resort & Spa is located in a beautiful tropical forest area of ​​Sekupang, Batam. The air is cool and the atmosphere is quiet and away from the crowds make us feel at home and comfortable staying here. And to get to this location is also very easy. 

From Batam Center: Just drive about 30 minutes to this location. 

From Capital / Jakarta: Take a direct flight to Hang Nadim Airport, Batam. Then continued taxi or car rental from the airport takes about 35 minutes. 

From Singapore: You can board a ferry from the Harbor Front port in Singapore directly to the International Seaport in Sekupang and the pickup car is ready to pick you from this port as long as the confirmation of your arrival is yes.

Sijori Resort & Spa Batam More Information,

·         Jl. Ir. Sutami No. 6 Sekupang, Batam.
·         Phone number 0778-323388
·         Email:
·         Web:
·         628117785227 Anthony /
·         628117785228 Viki /
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ASAD Agus Saputra said...

Sijori Resort & Spa

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hi babang...when you ask me to try sparadise spa ? i need it :)

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It's very comfortable... Nice.

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Sekarang lebih keren. Gak kayak sebelumnya agak jadul dan kurang dilirik :)

Juli said...

Suka sama suasana hijaunyaaa... Sijori karena letaknya agak jauh dr keramaian, kadang agak terlupakan ya. Padahal keren banget. Suka!

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

Hehe asik ya kak cusss cobain kak wkkw


I prefer to stay at hotel like this. many sport activities... Nice.

Jike Hariyaningsih said...

What a nice resort!
it will be a refreshing staycation for 'girls', not only enjoy the view also refresh the body with spa.

Citra said...

The food in this hotel look so good and yummy.... Facility also look so complate and it's nice to get staycation in this hotel... Where is this location? Is easy to get there place? I wanna staycation there one day....

Ali Ansera said...

Fasilitas memanang dan memancing bakalan jadi fasilitas yg favorit aku nih.

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Pernah ke Resort ini, tapi duluuu banget waktu masih jadi reporter untuk halaman lifestyle. Sekarang kayaknya lebih keren ya tempatnya.

sri murni said...

Love this swimming pool mostly... The view looks imaging. How much is the room rate?

unizara dotcom said...

Pengin nyebur liat kolamnya
Sambil ngerumpi dan ngemil di tepi kolam.. Hahaha

Akut Wibowo said...

This resort is like hidden resort with hidden beauty of nature and wellness. Aw.

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

Thanks babang, yuk cobain nginep sinih

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

yes bener bang, sekarang sudah keren abizzz after renovasi

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

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Yes that's right, you and family must try to stay here

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hehhee ia seru banget loh ini

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hehe ia mba after 3 tahun renovasi sekrang jauh lebih bagus dan nyaman

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

hahaha si pipi bakalan betah un gak mau naik dari kolam dia entar disini

ASAD Agus Saputra said...

Yes this is very beautiful resort and The 1st Wellness resort in Batam Island, you must try to stay here, aw ,aw

Citra Nufa said...

Tbh, this is the first time I heard about wellness resort and it is interesting to know that the resort is near to my home. Hopefully can come and stay a bit longer at sijori resort and try the spa sensation , nice story anw

Eka Aprilya said...

Wooow, emejing yaa ada resort tp tetep memperhatikan kesehatan. Ada jamu session nya, jamu beras kencur paporit tuuuh

Ana merya said...

Enjoy banget tempatnya ya kan. Nyaman, terus udaranya juga seger.
Jadi pengen balik lagi. :D

Eka Handa said...

New look Sijori bener-bener keren, kesan hijaunya masih sama seperti dulu dan yang paling aku suka adalah jamu dan wewangian sabun dan shamponya, hehe..

Romaini said...

Bagus ya tempatnya. Terakhir ke sana dulu SMA, sekarang banyak perubahan ya. Jadi adem banget cocok buat liburan nenangin pikiran. Jamu itu unik banget gak pernah lihat di tempat lain

Annisa Kusumastuti said...

Tempatnya kecee. ga nyangka ditengah kota batam ada beginian resortnya hehe mau dicoba nih