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Thursday, May 03, 2018

Enjoy Cassia Bintan by Banyan Tree Group

Cassia Bintan Foam Party

Bintan is like a paradise for a vacation in the Riau Islands. This holiday is really special and unique with friends. It is Cassia Bintan that makes all this special. I was with eight friends on vacation to one of the hotel is fairly new in the area of Lagoi, Bintan. And who would have thought yes this hotel is very comfortable and has very complete facilities. Cassia Bintan itself is part of Banyan Tree Bintan which is no doubt in terms of service and facilities of Hotels and Resorts they have.

At noon the sky was a little overcast but the hot air seemed to sting, but when we entered the lobby area Cassia Bintan this hot stinging feeling was instantly vanished when the hotel staff welcomed us very friendly in the lobby area with the design walls are very friendly and full colorful. The Check In process is very easy and the hotel staff is very helpful to us by providing enough information about the facilities that exist in this hotel.

Very Comfortable Accommodation

After Check In process finished we went straight to our room. For this type of accommodation options include One Bedroom Apartment Garden View, One Bedroom Apartment Loft, One Bedroom Apartment Loft Garden View and then there are Two Bedroom Apartment Garden View and Two Bedroom Apartment Loft Garden View. And because we were nine people then we chose the type of Two Bedroom Apartment Garden View which has an area between 62 m2 to 71 m2. Our apartment is located in Block 5 and Level 8. So you can imagine beautiful scenery of course. There are two bedrooms with master bedroom has King Size mattress and second bedroom Single Bed equipped with balcony. Then there are two bathrooms, So we do not need to queue if you want to the bathroom. Then here is also a Living Room with sofa long and comfortable, and then the most tempting is the Kitchen Set is very complete. This exclamation can cook cooking with modern equipment. Continue you guys do not be confused want to shop in cooking, Because in the lobby area there is Market 23 which provides a wide selection of raw materials complete with spices, so you live just cook, such as cooking fried rice then it is available complete spices, vegetables and eggs, live cooked only, and Market 23 is open 24 hours. So the middle of the night hunger is safe here.

Bed Room

Living Room


Market 23

Facilities and Activities

Swimming Pool & Cassia Bintan Foam Party
The thing that I would not miss if a vacation in the Hotel is the pool area. And here's the Swimming Pool Cassia Bintan, make me feel at home for hours here. This unique and spacious pool is located not far from the lobby area of the hotel and is right in front of a white sandy beach that has a very long coastline with views of the south Chinese sea stretching as far as the eye can see. In this pond there are two types of pond that is for adults and for children, so for you who bring kids must be happy to play water here, because various types of unique and colorful buoys are here, ranging from Unicorn type buoys, Sharks until the donut-shaped buoys are here, then there is also a water pistol that is ready to invite us to play water warfare.

Then that makes this holiday here more beautiful and festive is Cassia Bintan Foam Party which is held every weekend and starts at 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm. And Foam Party is the only one in Bintan Island.

Cassia Bintan Foam Party

Foam Party

Beach & Marine Center
Umbrellas, Bean Bags and colorful chairs adorn the beautiful white sand beach cassia that stretches wide. Right next to it there is Xana Beach Club which provides a wide selection of Alcohol and Non-Alcohol beverages that we can enjoy while accompanied by a breeze while looking at the vastness of the South China Sea in front of it make a casual event or get together with friends and family to be perfect. It feels good to move this body, what about the good we sport what?. Relax here there are a variety of Activities and Sea Sport at Marine Center Cassia is call it there:

ATV or All-Terrain Vehicle Adult and Kids, Mini Car to Jet Ski. Then next there Motorized Activities, among others, Snorkeling Tour Adult and Kid, Boat Fishing Tour, Boat Tour around the Resort, Banana Boat / Giant Wow and Water-skiing / Wake-boarding. Then for the type of Non-Motorized Activities there Kayak, Windsurfing, Stand Up Paddle Board, Surfing Board, Snorkeling Set and Local Fishing Experience. Oh yes the Marine Center is open from 09.00 am to 5 pm.


Xana Beach Club
Dinner this time we chose Xana Beach Club located on the beach this Cassia Bintan beach. Every weekend or weekend here is available buffet menu that serves a variety of processed fresh seafood dishes cooked live here or familiar with the term Live Cooking. It was really delicious because it is processed by an experienced chef with fresh ingredients of course. And not only serves Seafood, but there is also Western Food and Indonesian Food mix here, and surely comes with an intriguing dessert to make dinner this time to be very special at Xana Beach Club accompanied by waves of charming  and Music by DJ Xana Beach Club which makes the dinner atmosphere more cheerful.

Xana Beach Club

Class Yoga
In the morning from 5:30 am to 6:15 am you should try yoga classes with Dinesh Instructor. Yoga is very good for refresh body and your mind. This Yoga Class itself is held every day except Tuesdays and Wednesdays held at Santai Deck Area Angsana Bintan located not far from Xana Beach Club. But of course before joining this yoga class in the morning you have to inform first to receptionist one day before or in the previous day.

Yoga Class

Certainly after refreshing your body and your mind in yoga class make hungry stomach. A variety of breakfast options are available at Cassia. Call it any Western Food and of course there Indonesia Food and also there is definitely Kids Food for your beloved baby.


Convenient Location

Cassia Bintan is located in the beautiful area of Lagoi, Bintan. A blend of clean and calm seas and tropical and beautiful forests can be found here. Then make you confused to go to this location him:

From Batam City: You can ride speedboat from Telaga Punggur harbor whose schedule every 30 minutes. Starting from 07.00 am until 18.00 for the last boat to Tanjung Uban harbor. From the port of Tanjung Uban only takes about 30 minutes just got here, you can rent a car or ride a taxi here.

From Capital / Jakarta: Take a direct flight to Raja Haji Fisabilillah Airport in Tanjung Pinang. Then continued taxi or car rental from the airport takes about 45 minutes.

From Singapore: You can board a ferry from Tanah Merah port in Singapore directly to Bandar Bentan Telani Harbor in Lagoi Bintan. The pickup car is ready to pick you from this portname as long as the confirmation of your arrival is yes.

Cassia Bintan is so much fun and soothing, that's my experience.

Cassia Bintan
Jalan Teluk Berembang Laguna Bintan Resorts
Lagoi 29155
Phone: +62 770 693111
Email: Reservations-Bintan@cassia.com


  1. waw..ini keren sekali loh babang asad..specta experience ya..

  2. nice hotel which have many facilities, and i like the market 23, so many food and drink, so guest no need go out from hotel just for buy food

    1. Jadi pengen balek lagi ya kesini kak, kerenn banget hotelnya hehe

  3. Hotel Banyan Tree Group memang best banget ya. Ngebayangin bangun tidur trus buka pintu langsung lihat laut. Wew, bener-bener bikin mupeng..

    1. hehe ia kak kerenn banget nih hotelnya, seru dan menyenangkan

  4. In Bintan we call them ABC Resorts (Angsana,BanyanTree,& Cassia).
    Wish... been there someday for nice vacations.

    1. Yeah, youmust try to stay here. So nice and Beautiful Hotel & Resort

  5. keren bener Cassia Bintan. Pengen balik lagi ke sini

  6. this is good recommendation place to visit at bintan lagoi

    lovely kitchen and all other facilities

    cool resort

  7. wow full of facilities? its completely for me making plan to stay there. Thankyou for the nice info about this recommended ressort dear Asad. :)

  8. Suka dengan foam party kesannya basah basah seksi gitu

  9. Foam partynya sekseh bang.
    Aku merinding liatnya

    Keren Bintan ini.
    Bisa bersanding dg Bali ya


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